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Adventures of Country Divas - Blogger

This product may be loved and used by women but men love it too! Granted we have to nudge them a little bit to try it but in the end your man will be saying thank you like mine did :)

Andrew S.

I keep stealing it from my girlfriend, best new shaving product ever!

Beth M.

The best part was when I heard that I could bring it on an airplane!

Leanne K.

I like the fact that; When I realized that I missed a spot when I got out of the shower, I didn't have to get cream all over my freshly painted nails. I just wet it, swish, swish, and I was done!

Erica P.

I use Remay very often OUT of the shower. For example, this morning I was dressed with my hair and makeup done, and I realized I forgot to shave my under arms. Normally I would have to partially undress and use the messy shave gel, which is a disastrous process. I kept my dress on and used Remay instead! A couple of swipes and I was done. Problem solved. There is no other product I can use in those emergency situations. I personally find Remay to be best out of the shower, and a life saver as a busy woman on the go. Woman always forget to shave their armpits and bikini line, and we can't jump in the shower and mess up our hair and makeup to fix it. The result is we walk around hairy and insecure. I love to use Remay as a mess-free quick fix solution. Hands down, there's nothing else like it

Amy L.

My whole body is soooooo soft and smells like an exotic flower, this is more than a shaving bar, it's erotic.

Amanda S.

I like how it moisturizes my legs, I don't feel like I have to add a moisturizer afterwards like I normally would.

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