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3 Shave Gel Bars $29.97 Free Shipping – Most Popular
June 2, 2015
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2 Shave Gel Bars $19.98 + $1.95 s/h

$24.95 $19.98

Keep one in the shower and one by the sink. It’s small and compact so it fits perfectly in your gym or travel bag. The resealable lid keeps it dry and safe when not in use.

Directions: Simply wet the gel, glide it on your skin, then use a razor to shave.When used by men, soften hairs with warm water for 1 minute first then shave.

Average 6 month supply shaving 2-3 times per week – Only $1.95 shipping

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  1. Like what I saw on fb.

  2. My husband Love the ones I got him. He is almost out now and I’m ordering 2 more.

  3. My daughter and I buy these every year from the National Women’s Show but sadly you weren’t there last year. We love them and have been using for years.

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