Frequently Asked Questions

1Okay, so what is it?
It's like shaving cream... but instead in a fun gel bar that conveniently fits in the palm of your hand for a luxurious shave. REMAY Shave gel bars are designed to be very convenient for every day use: shaving in the shower, shaving in the sink, in the bath, travel, to keep in your gym bag...
2Is this an autoship subscription?
Nope, this website is for placing 1 time orders. To sign up to our shave bar club visit
3How long does each bar last?
30+ full body shaves. That's a lot of shaves! It depends how often you shave but generally each bar will last at least 3 months. The Family pack could last you the whole year and comes with free shipping.
4Does it work for men?
Yep, it is for men and women. However, a man should always shave coarse facial hair in the shower or immediately after the shower to allow hairs to soften from the water. Or at the very least, wash the face first with warm water for 1 minute. Use a sharp razor to prevent “tug & pull" and REMAY to lubricate, protect and hydrate the skin.
5Does it work on sensitive skin?
Yep. Legs, underarms, bikini, face. The formula is very gentle. It is made with a gentle ingredient that is even used to lubricate eyes in eye drops. If you have allergies, please note that it does contain real coconut and tea tree oil.
6Do you ship to USA even though this is a .ca website?
Yep! Both this website or will get you your order the same way. There are no customs, duty or any other fees to worry about and it generally arrives in 7 days or less.
7What does it smell like?
Light and fresh. We understand that you do not want your shave gel to be your scent of the day. This is why we use a very light Vanilla Sugar base with a hint of Tea-tree oil that creates our non-lingering signature scent. The coconut oil scent is non noticeable. It is often describes as "Mildly sweet yet light, airy, clean, crisp and fresh." We 100% guarantee you will love the smell or your money back.
8How does it work? What's the science?
When the gel is wet, it becomes very slippery with a natural process called organic microscopic hydrophobic and hydrophilic interactions that change the surface tension of water. This produces a protective, translucent micro-barrier that allows your razor to closely float over your skin. The PH is set to be close to the PH of the skin for a comfortable feel without dryness.
9That's great but what does hydrofobic and hydrophilic-interaction tension what-ever you just said do for me?
When the gel is activated by water, it becomes very slippery to allow your razor to glide over your skin so that you don't get razor burn! Because there is a micro-barrier, it allows your razor to get a very close shave without damaging the skin.
10Do I still use a razor to shave?
Yep, shave gel bars are a gentle lubricant that allows your razor to glide. They do not chemically remove your hair like a depilatory.
11What are the limitations I should know about the product?
1) If you have very hard water, it may not give as much slip as expected. If your shampoo generally does not foam and you have a lot of discoloring in your bath tub from your water then your water might be very hard. In this case, Glide Shave will Not work very well in the shower, but it should still work if used outside of the shower. This generally only happens when water is directly pulled from an ocean/lake or a well without proper softening treatment. If this problems occurs you can easily contact us for a return anyways! 2) When you are using Remay to shave coarse facial hair, you will want to allow warm water to soften the hairs for about 1 minute first. Ideally, coarse facial hair should either be shaved in the shower, immediately after a shower or at the very least, after washing your face. This technique will give the most comfortable shave for sensitive skin. Any other body hair (men and woman) does not need softening from water. Simply wet the gel, glide it on then shave! 3) The gel is NOT intended to foam a lot. This is intentional because it prevents your razor from clogging, it makes less mess and it allows you to see where you are shaving. However, if you need foam as a guide to see where you have shaved, you might not like it in the shower environment. Instead, you can make it foam by using it outside of the shower using minimal water and your hand to lather it up. If you can think of anything else, please let us know!
12Will shaving make my hair grow quicker?
No. Although some plants may grow quicker when cut, not your hair. Search the internet for “does shaving make hair thicker” for an external opinion.
13Where are the best places to buy Remay?
There are only 2 locations. 1) On our website 2) On Amazon The best place to order online is on this website because you will be ordering directly from the factory. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as discounts on family pack orders.
14Do you test on animals?
No Way Jose!
15Can it go on an airplane?
It sure can! Even with your carry on luggage. It is TSA travel safe and it is under 100mL.
16Where is it made?
In a Canadian lab.
17Other questions
Please take a look to see if we are online in the live chat box in the bottom right of the page. If not, feel free to email us your questions at

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