Go coco-nuts because this shave gel bar was made just for you!

Our product development focused on the most important parts of a good shave, moisture and glide. We added a rich combination of omega-3-6-9 oils (coconut) to nourish and moisturize the skin. We also use tea-tree oil as a gentle skin cleanser and natural preservative. REMAY's shave gel bar packaging was designed so you can quickly shave in-or-out of the shower, where ever you prefer to shave.


When the shave bar gel is wet, it becomes very slippery through a natural process called organic microscopic hydrophobic and hydrophilic interactions that change the surface tension of water. This produces a protective, translucent micro-barrier that allows your razor to closely glide over your skin. The PH is set to be close to the PH of the skin for a comfortable feel without dryness.

The Team



In search of a more efficient shaving routine, Nick developed the REMAY shave gel bar, a gel designed to make the hassle of shaving more comfortable, safe, fun and efficient. What first began as a University Chemistry project, has now turned into one of the most popular shave gels in the world.

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