Go coco-nuts for everyone's favorite shave gel

All you need to shave is Remay and a razor. A revolutionary technology of moisturizing coconut oil + tea tree oil helps prevent nicks, bumps and razor burn. Keep your skin feeling young with Remay!

Forget shave cream or skin drying soap...

Traditional shave cream was developed in the 1960's. It came in cans, in different scents and colours. Some were floral and even gel based but all had the same things in common. It's messy, time-consuming and uses harsh ingredients that can irritate the skin.

Welcome to the 21st Century.

Say goodbye to red bumps and hello to a smooth, close shave with Remay Shave Gel Bars. Made with coconut oil to moisturize and tea tree oil to cleanse, this long lasting gel bar contours around every shape of your body as you glide it over your skin. Remay makes shaving a breeze.

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Paraben and Sulfate Free

Kinda wonder if the VS ANGELS know about this product. I love it!

Gianna Pope - Model - Blogger

" REMAY Glide & Shave is fundamental and convenient for everyday, busy lives."

The Beauty Geek - Blogger

"It makes my legs feel more smooth than any other shaving cream I've ever tried... Let me introduce you to the best product ever invented."

Sarah - Blogger

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