Keep your legs feeling soft, smooth and moisturised

Our unique blend of coconut oil + tea tree oil helps prevent nicks, bumps and razor burn.

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Traditional Shave Cream

Traditional shave cream was developed in the 20th century. It’s messy, time consuming and uses harsh ingredients.

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Welcome to the 21st Century

Say goodbye to messy shaving cream and hello to smooth and clean Remay Shave Gel Bars. It's convenient size is perfect for traveling and makes shaving a breeze.

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Simply wet, glide & shave

Once you try it, you'll never want to shave with cream again.
Directions: Wet and glide over your skin. Then, use any razor to shave. Rinse or pat dry for added moisture.

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Paraben and Sulfate Free

"It makes my legs feel more smooth than any other shaving cream I've ever tried... Let me introduce you to the best product ever invented."

Sarah - Blogger

"My legs have never felt so smooth... ever. I even enjoy shaving them now!"

Marina P. - Blogger

Your shave cream works great! I like it because you can shave under the shower head, which makes it fast unlike regular cream which washes off under the water.

Amanda B.

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